Equestrian mists by noble lashes parted
Half-smiles hide dances unfinished
While secret spells collide in keeping
Luna’s tender shade above, and softly
A sigh, dipping through unseen – breaks
And shards choke what these lungs held in reverie

To her though many eyes bend loosely
Hearts that turn on prayers, crush and wilt
When tempered in her royal aura, crimson:
From pain’s eternal basin drawn
For love had sought what sorrow found; still beating
That which daisies wove, fate in embers tried

Soft gestures of tender light below a curious lid
A flickering flame to warm the seer’s stone
Gentle shadows cast aside, bow to Atlas’ curve
Glimpsed when careless tosses hers
His with their faintest tilt belie: Aloft!
Ne’er falls what by love and tears is cradled high

Over cracked stone and floating dune she beckons
The golden winds with her a while to stay
For sweeter are melodies borne on sol’s calmer winds
And deeper are smiles bathed in weary light
Distant gaze returns with gifts from troubled sands beyond:
Words unsaid and serendipitous, to steep the enamored heart

This wavering heart marooned by tempest gales
And desert sails, her grains of sand did count
And in the grieving echoes still no ashen flowers found
Nor rusted crowns: See! Living rivers flowing deep!
And glittering therein and gathered, in this battered soul’s embrace
Athena’s gems in amber clad and phoenix feather-coils

Alas, what fate had stopped in infant deed
No mortal dares in dream betray
For ships that pass in night’s cold sting, to sight
And cheek are lost – and doomed new shores to seek
Yet to her – and her alone, this heart from foreign waves
Reaches still and out, through wisps of air and salt:

What is first lost is not restored by what is second found
Even the radiant garden must in season’s lull her roots repair
Yet at times, in whispered wishes this wilted heart still drowns
And longs for careless footfalls, and carefully hidden smiles
And so to dare as mortals do, and face the threat of fate
This soul in deepest crevice harbors dreams for kinder skies than these:

Twilight skies alight o’er childish grins and somber eyes
These arms, to stretch her canvases were made, and dip
Pen and brush in beauty’s uncorked flask – a balm
To heavy hearts bestowed, in measure with humming timbre strings
Weaving rings round starlit campfires, kitchen tables and lullabies
These tears to hold aloft in tune, and detain the aching waves

And yet the grains in silent mourning drop from heaven’s hallowed glass
Dispersed upon this hour’s dream, this soul and hers; alas
When fluttered lashes close upon this melancholy dream
And carry us o’er Elysian fields to meet new suns and seas
To find the one who glitters deep, and share the sand in which she wakes
There – where all the corners of the world shall meet – this aged soul will wait

Author: Henry

These are my thoughts. They are true, but they are not truth. They are real, but they are not reality.

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